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Travel with a lighter footprint

Take control of your business travel emissions with Goodwings - the travel management tool that makes tracking, reducing and reporting emissions a breeze. 

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Reduce your climate impact in real-time

Get precise data, valuable insights and easy-to-use tools to improve your sustainability performance where it matters. 

Real-time data analytics

Organize your emissions data in one central dashhoard for easy reporting. 

AI-enabled trip planner

Create low-emissions travel itineraries for the whole team, from start to finish.

Cross-functional ESG tool

Create goal alignment with a tool that tracks emissions across the whole company.

Capterra business travel recommendations

Achieve impact where it matters 

Go beyond expectations and fast-track your progress towards climate goals.

Travel emissions budget graph including CO2 amounts for air, hotel, car and rail

Organize your travel emissions in one place

Streamline how you collect and analyze data 


Access all your emissions data in one central dashboard for easy analysis and reporting


Filter your data by transport type, date, and CO2 to pinpoint emissions hotspots and key trends


Share emissions reports across teams to boost accountability and fast-track your reduction targets

Set and achieve your reduction targets 

Go beyond expectations with your travel program


Set company-wide carbon budgets to curb travel emissions and fast-track your progress


Learn how to reduce your emissions, by switching to economy, taking the train, bundling trips or traveling less


Access reliable data for every part of the journey, including flights, hotels, trains and cars

CO2 targets and budget dashabord with travel insights
AI Traveler Companion tool, with option to add free time or planned events

Maximize your impact beyond just flights 

Do more to reduce your emissions on the ground


Get “last-mile” transport tips to reduce your emissions when you touch down, like metros and electric taxis


Choose from thousands of restaurant and café options using our sustainability focused AI Travel Companion


Make the most of your travel with local itinerary suggestions to help you recharge and stay in balance

Implement climate-friendly travel policies

Make responsible travel the cornerstone of your business travel program


Create automatic CO2 limits for flights and car hire to reduce emissions


Filter search results based on CO2 amounts


Specify travel providers that promote sustainable travel

car hire booking approval, promoting hybrid and electric options

Decarbonization made easy and affordable

Our 3-step approach follows the Science Based Targets Initiative and guides businesses towards proactive measures and collective impact.

Goodwings science-based methodology

Reduce ~10% (CO2) with behavior

Our state-of-the art AI tool makes it easy to reduce your emissions based on behavioral changes without any further cost. Take responsibility and fast track your emissions reduction goals with real time insights.


Reduce ~10% (CO2) via subsidized biofuel

We make it affordable to achieve further reductions by subsidizing Sustainable Aviation Fuel and end-to-end tracebility enabling our clients to account for the realised CO2 reductions in their corporate reporting.


Offset any remaining emissions

Go the last-mile by offsetting the remainder of your emissions with VERRA-certified reforestation credits, and receive documentation to ensure transparency from start to finish.

Goodwings helps us report on thousands of travel emissions data points - an enormous task that we don't have to worry about with Goodwings.

David Fellah
Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Manyone

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