Track, forecast, and reduce your travel emissions 

Goodwings is the only Travel Management System (TMS) that leverages AI to drive
science-based CO2 emissions reductions.

Track, forecast, and reduce your travel emissions
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Stop emissions before they happen

Stop emissions before they happen

Goodwings learns your organization's travel patterns, and recommends the travel policies that will maximize CO2 reductions while minimizing impact on your travelers.

See the projected impact of each policy before you apply it, so you know exactly how to reach your emissions targets.

Set CO2 emissions budgets

Set a company-wide emissions limit, and allocate shares of it across your teams just like you would with financial budgets. 

Follow along with their progress to target in shareable dashboards

Set CO2 emissions budgets
Find sustainable options while on the road

Find sustainable options while on the road

Travel emissions don't end when your plane touches down. Goodwings' AI travel assistant finds low-emission last mile transport options like electric taxis, as well as sustainable restaurants, sightseeing points of interest, and more.

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Highly impressed with my experience with Goodwings! The platform offers an extensive range of transport and accommodations while supporting social and environmental causes. The booking process is seamless, and their commitment to sustainability is first rate. Excellent customer service and a user-friendly interface make it a top choice for conscious travelers and companies.

Nicolai Mikkelsen, CEO, Flex Suisse

Goodwings pays for you to fly on biofuel

Goodwings uses commission from your bookings to pay for biofuel, which produces up to 80% less CO2 than fossil-jet fuel.

Goodwings pays for you to fly on biofuel
Simplify your carbon accounting

Simplify your carbon accounting

Stay on top of your carbon accounting and keep track of your progress towards Net Zero goals, with a full overview of your company’s emissions, all stored in a central dashboard.

Protect your brand from greenwashing

Increase brand trust and transparency by getting documentation and certificates to show you're walking the talk on climate action. 

Goodwings helps you reduce travel emissions by:

  • Traveling less
  • Traveling via lower emitting transportation modes
  • Swapping fossil fuels with plant-based fuels
Protect your brand from greenwashing

How it works - in every detail

When you book a trip with us, we transfer the commissions we make from your booking directly into your Climate Account. 

When we know your emissions totals, we use the funds in your Climate Account to buy the right amount of SAF to reduce your emissions. 

We then buy SAF through our partner SQUAKE, who put it into operation with one of the world's leading commercial airlines.

Once the SAF has been used on a flight, you're issued with a reduction certificate to confirm this has been done to the highest standards. 

Get closer to your Net Zero goals

Get a full suite of tools to help you stay on target with your Net Zero goals. 


Identify emissions hotspots

Identify and reduce high-emissions travel areas with a comprehensive look at your emissions by department, date, type and event.


Track more than just flights

Improve your emissions accuracy by tracking every aspect of your journey, from taxi rides to hotel stays, and everything in between.


Align your travel emissions data with other sources

Save time with your emissions reporting by synchronizing your travel data with other Scope 3 emissions sources.

Ready to start travelling responsibly?

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