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Havas harnesses power of AI to reduce travel emissions 

Discover how Havas is using next-generation AI to reduce their emissions before they happen, with the help of Goodwings.

Norrøna takes strides towards 2029 sustainability targets

Learn how Norrøna is on track to meet their 2029 sustainability goals, with the help of Goodwings. 

PNO makes year-round progress towards net zero goals

Learn about the freight company setting the industry standard for sustainability, with the help of Goodwings. 

Manyone raises the bar on low-impact business travel 

Learn how this strategy-design hybrid is balancing growing sustainability requirements, rapid company growth and protecting company DNA.


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Hannes Skugghall

“Teaming up with Goodwings was a no-brainer decision, implemented in hours, and allowed Urb-it to go net-zero on emission related travel”

Hannes Skugghall
Chief Mission Officer, Urb-it

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