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Nice to meet you. We're the full-feature travel management system that puts you in control of your business travel - and your emissions.

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We help you reduce your travel emissions

We’re not only here to simplify how you travel - we’re here to help you reduce your emissions altogether. You’ve heard the terms "eco-friendly travel", "sustainable travel". The truth? There’s no such thing. But what you can do is make more informed, responsible travel decisions, and invest in credible climate solutions that make a difference. That's where Goodwings comes in. 

Our 3-step approach 

Our 3-step approach follows the guidance from the Science Based Targets Initiative. It has been designed to help you take a more proactive approach to managing and reducing your travel emissions.

Goodwings science-based methodology

Eliminate ~10% (CO2) through behavior

Our state-of-the art AI tool makes it easy to reduce your emissions simply by changing your travel behavior. Get quality data and travel trends in real time to help curb high-emission, frequent travel.


Reduce ~10% (CO2) with biofuel

We make it easy and affordable for you to reduce your emissions with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), with full, transparent documentation to help you account for your reductions in corporate reports.


Offset remaining emissions

We give you the option to offset the remainder of your emissions with VERRA-certified reforestation credits, giving you full, transparent documentation from start to finish to prevent double-counting. 

GW-B Corp

Goodwings is a B Corp

We’re not just any B Corp - we were one of the first companies in the Nordics to join the movement. But being a B Corp isn't just about having a pretty logo on our website - it’s a set of guiding principles that informs the decisions we make as a company and the culture we create within our team. 

“I started Goodwings in 2015 to challenge the status quo of the travel industry”

Christian Møller-Holst | CEO & Founder

Christian started Goodwings in 2015, with more than 20 years’ experience working within corporate sustainability, transforming business into a force for good. Since then he has steered Goodwings into what it is today - a pioneering force that challenges the status quo of the travel industry.

Christian Møller-Holst _ CEO & Founder

Our partners

We work with leading corporate and non-profit partners that are committed to turning business travel into a force for good.
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Our team

Our headquarters are in Copenhagen, but our footprint is truly global, with a network of dedicated travel professionals in over 500 locations across 39 countries worldwide. Regardless of where you find us, our unwavering commitment remains the same - to transform business travel into a force for good. This means providing exceptional service while prioritizing sustainability, redefining the standards of business travel, and making every journey meaningful and impactful.







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