Travel management and sustainability in one tool

Business travel isn’t great for the planet, but sometimes it’s necessary.
Goodwings helps you choose more responsible travel options, tracks your emissions, and pays to reduce and offset them for free. 

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2-in-1 software for sustainable travel


Travel management

✓ Book air, rail, rental cars and hotels

✓ 24/7 business traveler support

✓ Centralized administration


Sustainability Software

✓ Auto-calculate emissions

✓ Drive sustainable behavior across teams

✓ Report, reduce and offset CO2 emissions

It's a win for everyone


"Goodwings helps us track thousands of data points and be who our clients want us to be."

David Fellah
Co-CEO @ Manyone

Business Travelers

  • Book your entire trip in one place

  • Cancel anything, anytime

  • Enjoy ultimate travel flexibility

ESG & CSR Managers

  • Get an overview of travel emissions

  • Track & report in real time

  • Tap into a new ESG budget with the Climate Account


Travel Managers

  • Save time and stay in control

  • Achieve full travel policy compliance

  • View & track travel data in real-time

Financial Controllers

  • Save money with negotiated rates

  • Get all your invoices in one place

  • Flexible reporting in just a few clicks

Protect your brand from greenwashing

Climate solutions are not all created equal. We and our board of expert advisors hand pick only projects that will make a provable difference for the planet and protect your brand. 


Ready to start traveling responsibly?