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Seats 5 20 50
Climate Account Limit $10,000 $20,000 $30,000
Travel Management Features
Book flights, hotels, trains, rental cars Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check fares Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Expedia fares Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Book Web Fares Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
24/7 live rep phone support Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Live agents in 36 countries across US, EU, Asia & Aus Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Save traveler profiles for fast booking Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Travelers keep frequent flyer miles Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Multiple user roles Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Credit card billing Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Price drop alerts Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Traveler training Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Trip alerts Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Transactions report Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Sharable e-Itinerary Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Print my invoice Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Custom travel policies -



Create custom fields - Blue-Check Blue-Check
Negotiated rates - Blue-Check Blue-Check
Unused ticket tracking - Blue-Check Blue-Check
Approval flows


- Blue-Check
Trip Disruption Assistance -


API access - - Blue-Check
Account reviews - - Blue-Check
Sustainability Features
Climate account Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Auto-track carbon emissions Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Live updated emissions dashboards Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Emissions report Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Climate impact certificate Blue-Check Blue-Check Blue-Check
Biofuel purchased in your name Blue-Check Blue-Check
Travel Log - - Blue-Check


+30 seats


Book trips for an additional 30 people using the Goodwings platform

+1 Point of Sale


Add an additional Point-of-Sale
(Most commonly used for companies with multiple offices)

+1 Travel Policy


Add an additional travel policy (for example, by department or seniority level). 

+1 Approval Flow


Add an additional approval flow (for example, by department or seniority level). 

+$20k Climate Account Limit


Your Climate Account is where all your booking commissions live - that’s the money that’s used to pay for climate projects when you travel. 

Business Travel Intelligence


A customizable suite of travel dashboards to set and track progress towards company travel goals

Duty of Care


Live-updated warnings of potential threats before booking, during the booking process, during travel, and after returning. Immediately locate and communicate with affected travellers in the event of an emergency

Price Monitoring


Automatically rebook flights and hotels if the price drops after you've already booked. Service also includes unused ticket management


Travel Management System

Do you use call centers for your customer service?

No we don’t. With experienced travel agents located in 17 countries around the world, you can get support with any travel query 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Does Goodwings offer the same features as other travel management solutions?

Yes! With Goodwings you’ll get the most comprehensive travel inventory of flights, hotels, trains and rental cars as the leading travel management solutions, but with all the sustainability features included.

Can I set up travel policies for my company?

Yes you can! We make it easy for you to stay on top of your travel and emissions budgets with fully customizable travel policies and approval flows.

Do you have the same selection of hotels as the market leaders?

No. Ours is even better than what you’ll get from the market leaders. Choose from over 28m accommodation listings across 227 countries for a start.

How big is your train inventory?

It’s big! It includes 9 major national rail carriers across the US and Europe, including Amtrak, Trainline SNCF, Deutsche Bahn and more. We want you to travel by train wherever possible, so it’s a priority for us to provide the biggest selection we can.

Do I have to pay extra for onboarding?

No, it’s free! Unlike some competitors, the full onboarding and setup service is both easy and free of charge for our customers. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started, so you can reduce your travel emissions straight away.

If I have negotiated rates with hotels in place, can I integrate these with the Goodwings platform?

Yes you can! You can integrate any existing negotiated rates you have across hotels, airlines, trains or car rental companies. You can also take advantage of the negotiated rates we have on our site too.

Can I make group bookings?

Yes you can! We’ll help you make bookings for any group size that you need. This is handled by our dedicated Group Booking Team. Find out more by booking a meeting with one of our travel experts here.

Can I integrate my existing software solutions with Goodwings?

Yes! We can help you integrate any piece of software in your toolstack, including the leading expense systems.

Biofuel and emissions reductions

What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) / biofuel?

Good question! Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a replacement for fossil jet fuel which is used to power airplanes. It’s made using renewable waste and residue raw materials like used cooking oil, and it reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80% from when it’s produced to when it’s used. You can read more about this here.

Where do you source your biofuel from?

We source our biofuel from Neste - the world’s leading producer of biofuel. SQUAKE then makes sure that it gets to where it needs to go, and that there is documentation to prove it. SQUAKE supplies the top 20+ airlines with biofuel, so they know what they’re doing.

Can biofuel contribute to reducing my Scope 3 GHG emissions?

This one comes up a lot - but the simple answer is yes it can. Despite the many discussions about double counting (e.g if your company claims it as Scope 3, another company - like an airline - could claim it as their Scope 1), the only way that unintended double counting could happen is if someone recorded the emissions into the wrong Scope.

Is the biofuel you purchase certified?

Yes! The biofuel we purchase on your behalf is certified according to the EU recognised International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (or ISCC EU) and is aligned to the EU Renewable Energy Directive II (or EU RED II). This basically means that there are lots of independent checks and balances throughout the process, so you can feel confident that it's fully transparent from start to finish.

Can biofuel be counted towards the Science Based Targets Initiative?

Yes! As part of their guidance for the aviation/travel sector, SBTi has approved that biofuel should be part of how businesses reduce their emissions.

Will the biofuel be put into the plane that I’m traveling on?

Maybe! The way it works is that we calculate the emissions from your whole trip and then buy the equivalent amount of biofuel, which is put into circulation somewhere in the world - it could be your plane, or you could even be flying on someone else’s biofuel purchase. Either way, more biofuel means less fossil jet fuel, and that’s a good thing!

How can I be sure that you’ve actually bought the biofuel?

Because we follow the process from start to finish! The biofuel we buy on your behalf is registered in your company’s name and has a unique tracking number and QR code, so you can see when it’s been put into circulation. You also get a certificate at the end of the year to show how much biofuel we’ve purchased on your behalf.

Carbon credits and offsetting

What is carbon offsetting?

So glad you asked. Carbon offsetting is a way of reducing the amount of CO2 that’s released into the atmosphere. There are a number of different ways of doing this, but the method that Goodwings uses is called “nature-based” or “removal offsetting” where trees are planted to absorb carbon dioxide into their leaves, trunks and roots.

You can read more about our project in Uruguay here

Are your carbon removal offsets third party validated?

Absolutely. Our removal offsets are registered under the VCS (Verra Carbon Standard) program and validated by the Rainforest Alliance.

How can I be sure you're not double-counting the offsets?

We do a lot of due diligence to make sure they’re not! The offsets we purchase are validated and verified under the market leading Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) programme and accounted for in the VERRA registry to avoid double counting. When we “retire” offsets on your behalf, a “retirement record” is put into the VERRA registry for the equivalent amount / series of offsets from your travel. As with biofuel purchases, we want to make sure that there are lots of independent checks and balances along the way, and VERRA is the best way of ensuring this is the case.

Emissions calculations and data

What methods do you use to calculate my travel emissions?

The most accurate kind..We calculate your entire trip emissions using DEFRA conversion factors. DEFRA is the UK government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Every year the department issues updated emission conversion factors for UK and international organizations so they can report on their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions. Conversion factors are averages, usually set by governmental agencies (like DEFRA) to help measure and convert different activities (such as travel) into the right amount of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions. This means that you can report with full accuracy and that the calculations follow an international standard.

How do you calculate emissions from meals?

We start with 3 meals a day and go from there. Emissions for meals are averages taken from the DEFRA guidance. These calculations include 3 meals a day for the dates that you travel.

Read more about how we calculate your travel emissions here


What kind of documentation will I get with my subscription?

Just the right amount. You’ll get an annual Climate Impact Certificate with the total amount of emissions you’ve reduced and removed over the course of the year, together with all the links so you can track the projects.

See an example of what you’ll get here.

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