"Sustainability should run through everything we do. That includes travel"

Discover how Hammeken Cellars identified travel as an emissions hotspot and took action with the help of Goodwings. 

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Traditional roots, modern trajectory

Hammeken Cellars is the brainchild of Nicholas Hammeken, whose early interest in wine led him to set up a successful business venture that now exports over 1.8 million cases of Spanish wines annually, and is present in over 37 countries worldwide. By upholding Spanish wine traditions and pairing them with “new world” winemaking techniques, Hammeken Cellars now produces a distinctive, high-quality collection of wines that’s both easy to drink and that appeals to traditional and modern palettes alike.

Company: Hammeken Cellars
Industry: Winemaker and Exporter
No. employees: <50
Challenge: Finding a way to address emissions hotspots
Solution: Tracking and taking tangible action to reduce emissions

Challenge: Identified travel as an emissions hotpot but had no way to account for it

After examining their entire supply chain and identifying areas to reduce their carbon footprint such as introducing alternative corks and expanding their range of organic and vegan wines, they discovered there were still areas that were hard to measure, including one of the biggest -  business travel. 

"Goodwings helped us with a huge headache - tracking and calculating our travel emissions." 

Nicholas Hammeken
Founder, Hammeken Cellars

Solution: Start measuring and take tangible steps to reduce

"You can't manage what you don't measure". Well that's what Hammeken concluded after a deep dive into their value chain. Having identified business travel as an emissions hotspot, they worked with Goodwings to start measuring emissions from supplier trips and commuting to and from Copenhagen. By having a clear picture of their emissions, they were able to take steps to reduce them by investing in Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Removal Offsets.

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